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We at La Cave du Château always pursue the delicate ambition to provide our customers with a precise and open-minded view of the french vineyard. We gather on the same stage sincere and dedicated winegrowers: in the unique setting of our vaulted cellar, masterpieces are presented next to the great works of young talents. Every bottle that awaits here bears the promise of an emotion, that we would be immensely proud to share with you.

Focus on Domaine Claire Naudin

The domaine Naudin-Ferrand owns several crus that are well kown by aficionados of Côte d'Or, such as Echezeaux or Aloxe, but the Estate really expresses itself with the regional appellations (80% of the planted surface). Claire Naudin resembles her wines: sincere and transparent. Her surname is well chosen, one might say. The winegrower does not like stiff tongued language, or other artificial formulas of the wine language. To make up a speech is not her cup of tea, even less when the subject is winemaking. She prefers to observe, experiment on a single slot, and decide. Biodynamics principles are made to be tried and tasted, not to be implemented blindly. It aims at accompanying the vine from its roots up, to encourage her to dig for herself the resources she needs into a lively soil. Throughout the year, grass grows in the vineyards, so it keeps the local insects and micro-fauna. These micro-organisms are essential for a good oxygenation of the soil, and to prevent erosion. The winegrower limits as much as possible any treatment against diseases, but also remains free to intervene if needed. Everything concurs in getting a sane harvest, ripe and already naturally balanced, in order to limit any intervention in the cellar. The musts are never cleared, rarely filtered and often vinifed with full clusters. Transfers and blends are processed with the greatest care. Patience, and a long time lapse are essential. Claire also refuses to block her wines with too much sulfites. Only the necessary dose is used, during the bottling. In the glass, the pinots are monsters of grace and delicatesse. Orchis Mascula (Haute Côte de Beaune Appellation) is made from three slots, located south of the village of Magny les Villiers. Always very expresssive in its youth, it exhales aromas of ripe cherry and fresh rose. The Combe du Comblanchien gives birth to Viola Odorata, the Haute Côte de Nuits. The result is a masterpiece. What an awesome Pinot Noir! The fruit is silky, vibrant with purity and balance. T

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About Bordeaux

The vineyards of Bordeaux cover the whole area of the Gironde department and represent 14% of the French vineyard surface area, i.e. 117,500 hectares of vines. They are divided into five main categories: Médoc, Libourne, Entre-Deux-Mers, Graves and Sauternes, Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur, Côtes de Blaye and Côtes de Bourg. There are 8,650 Châteaux spread over 40 Appellations d'Origine Contrôlée and 2 Protected Geographical Indications. The grape varieties used for red wines are Merlot, Cab...

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Tasting of Domaine de l'A

The Domaine de l'A has established itself as one of the most dynamic estates in Bordeaux. Stéphane and Christine Derenoncourt are the guardians of it, proud as they are to be working in this lesser known region of the right bank. The man already is an emblematic figure in Bordeaux, he actually has dedicated his life counselling other winegrowers before to finally engage himself on his own Estate. The Estate is now a major one, and must be discovered by any wine lover. Tasting of Domaine de l'A, on tursday, march 12th from 6pm to 8h30pm, hosted by Mrs Derenoncourt. Domaine de l'A will be presented in the vintages 2010, 2011, 2014 and 2015. A participation fee of 10€ per person will be asked, to be deducted from any purchase of a wine of Domaine de l'A. Attendance limited to 40 guests. Mandatory registration.

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