Distillerie du Vercors

Eric Cordelle was an engineer, his wife Anne-Hélène Cordelle a lawyer : the couple from Brittany wanted a life change, to break from city life and reconnect with simple pleasures, with the value of sharing. She liked the land and he liked machines : together, they came up with the idea of producing whisky. But not just any other whisky : an organic, single malt, 100% french whisky !
They draw from their dream all the patience, tenacity and strong will.…
It took them two and a half years to find the perfect place : In Saint-Jean-en-Royans, in the Vercors region, they discovered a corner of nature, with the Lyonne river flowing through endless fields : it will be providing pure, clear water. A little further, the remains of an old farm stood beside other fields where malt will grow.
In the 18th century, the fortified farm was used for silkworm breeding : it then has to be complelety renovated, before any alambic or any…
vat can even be installed. Everything has to be done on site : brewing, fermenting, distilling, ageing and bottling. But Eric and Anne-Hélène are passionate and determined.
They want their whisky to be subtle and elegant : in a real stroke of genius, Eric borrowed to the perfume industry their technique of vacuum distillation. The lower the temperature, and the slower the distillation, the more subtle and delicate the aromas will be. The…
purity found under vacuum distillation is ideal. He therefore crafted a unique alambic, that concentrates even the slightest hint of aroma from the malt. A second alambic from Cognac will then provide more complexity. The engineer became a craftman, with great class. The dream came true !
The first bottles were released in autumn 2019, after three years of ageing. The majestic 225 year-old sequoia that protects the new…
distillerie gave its name to both whiskies : Sequoia 1er impression is a light, round, delicate, organic single malt with great finesse, a large aromatic spectrum with hints of honey notes, candied apples, flowers such as peonies, light spices, van

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