Monsieur Balthazar

It all started in 1884 in Hérisson, a small village deep in the heart of France, where Mr Perrier, also called Mr Balthazar, decided to build an alembic in order to distill malt, corn and rye. From these surprising aromas, and with a true passion for crafted distilled spirits, Mr Perrier started to elaborate a whisky with Tronçay country origins: he officially opened the Mr Balthazar distillerie in 2000. Six years later, he released his first whisky, produced on a…
greater scale, called Hedgehog.

The ageing Mr Balthazar later stepped down, and let Mr David Faverot take over in 2012. According to him, any product from the Distillerie must convey a history, a specific know-how, a terroir, but first and foremost a person, a character. A truly passionate man, he is a fervent defender of authenticity, and of French mastery.

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