Bordeaux en Primeur 2018

The "en Primeur" week  just ended in Bordeaux on very positive notes.

This tasting is particularly difficult, since the winegrowers present to professionals selected samples before the ageing in barrels is completed. Based on their impression, they can assess the quality of the wine.

First, the vintage 2018 was the warmest since the start of the XXth century.

It was far from simple though, with heavy rains perduring all through the first semester. As a result, most Estates faced an intense pressure of Mildiou in july, resulting in losses in yields, especially in the Estates working with organic or biodynamic viticulture. An important hail storm in may also took its toll on some vineyards.

Fortunately, the berries ripened very nicely, during a sunny and warm summer. They reached exceptional levels of sugar and tanins. Château Margaux harvested smaller berries than usual, but with a far greater concentration.

Following the struggle against mildiou, the other challenge facing the winegrower was to select the ideal date of harvest. In order to keep the freshness, they needed to harvest ripe but not overripe grapes. In this regard, we particularly enjoyed the wines of Château Brane Cantenac. Another example: Château Pichon-Comtesse did not hesitate to wait for three full days before the harvest the next slot, preferring to keep all the harvesting staff busy in the meantime!

As a result of the summer heats, the alcohol reached great levels, flirting with the symbolic mark of 15 degrees: Château Cos D'Estournel 2018 actually holds a 14,59% degree.

We thoroughly enjoyed the wines presented by Château Malescot Saint Exupéry, Château Pichon Comtesse de Lalande, and Château Haut-Brion.

The white wines that we single out are the following: The Pagodes de Cos, the Pavillon Blanc of Château Margaux, Aile d'Argent and the Château La Mission Haut-Brion White.

We will remember that the 2018 vintage is as qualitative for the Merlots as for the Cabernets-Sauvignon, and is enthusiastic on both banks of Bordeaux.

Finally, the great majority of the Estates that we tasted have managed to produce great wines, with great concentration and ripeness and therefore built for a long ageing.

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