Champagne Bérêche & Fils

The Bérêche family settled in Ludes in the XIIIth century. The two brothers Raphaël and Vincent brought the estate onto the top of the "Montagne de Reims" area, and their bubbles now evidently count among the finest of Champagne. The choice of a single vineyard expression has been evident, using dominantly pinot noir and meunier. As a blend, these bubbles provide a wonderful expression of the terroir from which their originate. The vinification process aims at an ideal…
natural balance, with an optimal ripeness of the fruit, the best practices in the vineyard (herbicides have been banned since 2003), fermentation in oak barrels, ageing on lees with bottles corked...Off course, patience and time are still imperatives. Broad, rich yet precise and neat, the Bérêche Champagnes are aesthetic wines, built for ageing or for immediate pleasure. The Brut reserve clearly reflects the identity of the estate, by its density and its texture.
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