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Alexandre Chartogne creates his wines in the village of Merfy. The young prodigyof Anselme Selosse aims at unveiling Reimss "petite montagne" (the southern hillside, near Saint-Thierry), a terroir still largely unknown to wine lovers. Alexandre's care for his plots is almost religious, in a true burgundy spirit. One could wonder if elsewhere, the Champagne region has not forgotten the diversity of its soils. Here, the vines are rooted in sand and silica. In between…
the bubbles, the winegrower proposes a precise reading of a soil, through a grape variety, for a given year. Everything is orchestrated here in order to go even further: to accompany the wine, without any intervention on the musts.
The new vinification cellar, dug into the limestone, is a sign of the winegrower's quest for perfection. In order to fully understand, one has to start with the St Anne cuvée, where the wine expresses clarity…
and finesse. There are few " non-vintage Brut " of this level.
Les Couarres, a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, has an expressive and seductive nose. It exalts frangipani notes, cherry tree flowers. The mouth is broad, slender, an expression of grapes that ripened facing south, with little dosage.
Les Barres, a pre-phylloxeric Meunier, is rooted between sand and limestone. The wine is at first more austere, it is a cathedral of…
tension that reveals and deploys itself with great length. Very impressive!

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