Champagne Franck Pascal

This 7 hectares estate is located in Baslieux sous Châtillon, at the heart of the right bank of the Marnes valley. The soils here largely differ from those of the Côte des Blancs, with a deep clay underground mixed with flinstones.
The pinot noir and meunier clearly like it here.
Tasting the grapes, they are rich and concentrated, foreseeing the style of the future bubbles from this house: vineous!…
However, the winegrower is certain of one thing: richness does not exclude freshness, and the use of biodynmaic princinples allow him to elaborate digest and lively wines.
As soon as 1998, Franck Pascal eliminates pesticides, weedkillers, fertilizers, and anti-botrytis from his Estate.
Four years later, the vines receive their first biodynamic preparations, and shortly after, numerous tests on homeopathy,…
essential oils and the dynamisation of the plants come fulfill this body of work.
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