Champagne Ruppert-Leroy

Emmanuel Leroy and his wife Bénédicte Ruppert setlled in Essoyes, at the heart of a lesser known terroir, unjustly left aside, within Champagne itself.
Here the limestone soils of Côte des Bars resembles more the Chablis area, than to the chalk of Avize.
The nature of the terroir hints at the project of the winegrowers: to elaborate wine before it becomes Champagne. …
The adventure starts in 2009, with a few vines inherited from Bénédict's parents.
Gym teachers in a former life, the couple abandons the ground carpet to venture with flexibility and determination onto a breathing, lively ground.
The conviction of the winegrower's is that you cannot make a great wine with tarnished grapes. After all, the balance of a great…
building is not hanging by a thread, but lies with the choice of the first stones.
This question of harmony goes beyond the sole culture of the vines: the Estate is surrounded with trees, plants, cows and goats. A vegetable garden feeds the family, and more than 35 crops nourish the vines. This ecosystems makes the exploitation almost self-sufficient.
To enrich biodiversity answers to a more global urgency, and the man…
is merely a link of the chain that escorts, without damaging.
To do so, biodynamic principles guide the couple in their daily work. The vines are planted with herbs and oxygenated, and the grounds are never packed. The composts, preparations and old corn cowpat are elaborated locally. All these preparations favour a lively and rich ground. Afterwards, the single vineyard philosophy starts. At Ruppert-Leroy, three different slots give their name to the cuvées:…
La Fosse (red clay on a limestone soil), Les Cognaux (clay and grey marls), and Martin Fontaine (white limestone).
In the cellar, a lot of attention is granted, but with little intervention: a vinification using indegeneous yiests, and without any added sulphites, musts taken through natural cold, spontaneous malolactic fermentation, ageings using half-muids and barrels...and an ageing of at least 18 to 22 months on t

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