Chartreuse, Jaune


Double Magnum 3L

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About the Producer

In 1605, the monks of Chartreuse received a manuscript containing the formula of an "elixir" from Marechal d'Estrées . Chartreuse Verte has been developed in the monastery of the Grande Chartreuse since 1764, and Chartreuse Jaune since 1838. In 1903 after their expulsion from France the Chartreuse monks settled in Tarragona, Spain. They returned to France in 1921 to distill in Marseille and since 1935 in Voiron. The distillery of Voiron is nowadays the only place where liqueurs are being produced. To distill the famous liquor, the Chartreuse monks use 130 plants that are macerated in alcohol before being distilled in stills to produce the alcoholate. Distilled…
honey, sugar syrup and herbal decoctions are then added to the various alcoholates which will be assembled and aged in oak casks.
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