Camin Larredya

Domaine Camin Larredya was created more than 800 years ago, on the hills of Jurançon, in the south-western part of France. The vineyard spreads over 9,5 hectares, among which 4 have been layed out as terraces, in the plain of Chapelle-de-Rousse. Since 1988, Jean-Marc Grussaute has been producing expressions of this terroir through four plot-based wines: "La Part Davant", "La Virada", "Au Capceu", and "Costat Darrèr". He obtained the organic viticulture label in…
2007. Cultivation is carried out using the Hérody method andfollowing the moon calendar. The vines are meticulously treated, by hand, just as in a garden.

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