Domaine Adrien Berlioz

Adrien Berlioz (cousin of Gilles Berlioz), settled in 2006 in Chignin, in Savoie. The winegrower now owns a little more than 5 hectares of vineyards on sidehills, all worked on following organic principles.
A hormonious development of the vines and perfectly sane grapes are essential to Adrien, who affirms that a great wine always originates in great grapes.
The soils are dug into and planted with herbs, so as to force the…
vines to throw their roots deeper into the ground and get precious nutriments there.
The grapes are always harvested at optimal maturity, never lacking acidity either: the balance in the wines tasted today is breathtaking.
In the cellar, "who can do the most can do the least": it would be counter-productive to manipulate such vibrant and lively musts. The…
grapes are simply but very gently pressed, before to let indigenious yiests do their trick, without any other intrant.
A malolactic fermentation is then immediately triggered, before and ageing period using vats, or half-muids.
In total, about fifiteen wines compose the range of the Estate, all doing justice to the local grape varieties.
Albinum originates in a clay-limestone very steep sidehill, therefore…
hard to work on. In the bottle, this Bergeron (or Roussanne) is rich, almost creamy. The length of it is persistant, hinting great ageing potential.
The Mondeuse is named Marie Clothilde. Plump and rich, its ageing is very discreet and therefore very charming.

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