Domaine Alexandre Bain

The Domaine Alexandre Bain is located in Tracy sur Loire, on the local place Boisfleury. Upon his arrival with his wife in 2007, the winegrower immediately engaged in a clean viticulture, respecting the plant and the living in general.
Passionnate about his horses, Alexandre works all his slots with "Phenomène", a well-trained Percheron. The harvests are made by hand, which stands out in an Appellation that resonates with the sound of…
As you will have understood, the winegrower is considered as quite eccentric in the region. A creator of living artworks, he wishes to produce a wine that is the perfect embodiment of the soil that fed it. The treatments of the vine are all made with plant extracts and natural preparations.
Alexandre rejects the help of any chemical tools, with the conviction…
that these very treatments are actually the cause of the soil illnesses. These parameters can seem weird for some, since they go beyond the Appellation guidelines.
Hence the winegrower lost his right to the Appellation in 2014, and had to label his wines "Vin de France".
He is sometimes criticized for letting the grass grow too high between the ranks, and for the oxydation of his musts. …
When tasting the wines, it is true that the classic expression of a Pouilly Fumé with great acidity and aromas of green lemon is not immediately recognizable. Alexandre Bain's wines are rather of a more golden colour, mature and vibrant.
If you wish to discover the wines of this Estate, we would advise to start with the cuvée Mademoiselle L: the marls with small oysters give birth to a racy and rich juice, with a saline finish. The wine…
is aged for 18 months in old vats.
L d'Anges, is in comparison more austere in its youth as, it is destined for a longer ageing. Aged 18months, its depth and balance are striking.
The vines are here in direct contact with the bedrock, and the limestone gives straightness and subtlety to the grapes. In the glass, the warm spices match the more smoky notes.…
We salute the struggle and the

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