Domaine Belluard

The Domaine Belluard is located in Haute-Savoie, in the town of Ayse.
These extreme vineyards, planted on abrupt cliffsides, at an altitude of 450 meters, now count among the finest montainside vinyeards, among other wonders of the wine world.
Dominique Belluard first took on a course in oenology in Beaune, before to take over the family vineyard in 1988. A true museum of plants, it includes an almost extinct grape variety: the Gringet.…
Only 22 hectares of this endemic rarity now perdure across the world, and half of it is actually planted on the Belluard Estate.
The estate also stands out with the geology of its soils: some limestones, fallen off the Chablais hills, and sediments of glaciers or stratas of glaciers old as the world.
In the vineyard, Dominique Belluard respects the lively, in all its forms. Biodynamic principles have been presiding over the daily work…
of men in the vineyard, since 2001. Synthesis pesticides and intrants made with chemicals are banned, and replaced by natural preparations with cowpat.
Thank to treatments with silica reduced to powder, the plant becomes more resistant to diseases.
At the cellar, the musts are pressed slowly and very softly, then the fermentation starts by the action of indigeneous yiests. Dominique…
prefers to use concrete eggs for the ageing of his wines, always with the will to go along the wine, without any violence.
The cuvée "Les Alpes" is a nice introduction to the grape variety "Gringet". This is an easy walk, and you will be impressed with how precise and sharp the wine is.
the Mont Blmanc cuvée is a sparkling made with methode traditionelle. What delicatesse in this vineous bottle, with a delicate bubble, and…
a bunch of warm mirabelles and patchouli.
Le Feu is made by a red clay soil, charged with iron alumina. The vines thrive on a 40 degree slope, where men can barely move.
In the glass, it is flamboyant, profound and vibrant with energy. A wait of two or three years will be necessary before the wine really opens, and appears spri

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