Domaine Danjou Banessy

In the Catalan vineyard, a name echoes all the way up to Paris: that of the Danjou brothers's.
The Estate of the same name, located in Espira de l'Agly, reigns over Rivesaltes, thank to the full commitment of Benoît and Sébastien. Both of them are passionnate about their region and the wealth that brings a yet fragile natural environment. The viticulture and the works in the cellar both take part in a larger struggle: to recognize…
our terrestrial inheritage, and to leave future generations with an abundant nature. Another cause of theirs is the will to render to the local grape varieties of Roussillon their finest expressions, by growing them separately. The wines gain in vibrancy with each passing year. Their divine and energetic fruit is always ripe for the reds, and litteraly on the edge for the whites. The truffière white is a jewel, with great length and breadth, a formidable interpretation of…
Carignan gris. The Espurna cuvée is a romantic cinsault, whose notes of ancient rose and peony proove so seducing, and introduce the estate among the most interesting throughout France.
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