Domaine de l'Alliance

Daniel Alibrand was a fisherman in the Sables d'Olonne. He leaves the sea to embark on board another ship, the vineyard adventure.
His wife inherited a few hectares in her native region of Fargues.
So here they are, in 2005, both installed with a precious treasure of 6.5 hectares of old Semillon vines, white and grey Sauvignon as well as Muscadelle. A series of plots make up the Domaine, with extremely varied soils (made of compact clay and decomposed limestone...).…
Despite mildew and powdery mildew pressure, the entire vineyard is biodynamically driven, and the soils are protected by herbal teas from regional plants.
Since the 2000s, Sauternes has been experiencing many climatic hazards, including frequent period of frost. Thus, the harvests are microscopic, and the winemaker is forced to also vinify a dry wine to make up for whats been lost.…
This unique vintage, called "Définition", is a blend of semillon and sauvignon blanc. A model of righteousness!
The Sauternes (145 grams of residual sugars) is placed, each year, at the top of the appellation by its purity and the great brightness of its raw material.
Rare are the sugars as noble and digestible.

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