Domaine de Vaccelli

True to the identity of Corsica, the Domaine Vaccelli. represents first and foremost a history family, a transmission of soil by bloodline, and a sanguine love for the earth.
Gérard Courrèges took on the reins of the estate, but prevented any change to his dad Alain's cellar. Instead, the great changes would occur in the vineyard.
The 13 hectares estate is located in Cognoli-Monticchi, south of…
Ajaccio, in the Taravo valley. Surely after having fallen into the vat when he was a child, Gérard Courrèges got passionnate about other winegrower's wines before to even make his own.
Crazy in love with Burgundy, he only sees his work as a single vineyard approach. His range is a clear presentation of the soil, rich and plural.
The local grape varieties grow deep roots here, into the granitic…
sidehills. One could imagine an immense garden, a unique piece of land, with variations of expositions and denivellations. The vines grow next to the scrubland, with the marine breeze always sensible.
Instead of pinot noir, Gérard carries the torch of another subtle and grandiose grape variety: sciaccarellu.
This one has already fooled more than one taster, and to open a bottle of this etstate will surely convince you as well. …
Let us start with the cuvée Unu, a fruit bomb! Digest and juicy, this is a fantastic thirst wine.
Granit blanc is pure vermentino. Rooted into the sidehill, the granite gives it another dimension, when the character of the grape variety gives way to a truly full, sapid and mineral wine.
A must-taste, the granit cuvée in red counts among the finest wines of the island. The concrete eggs and half-muids of the estate age a very…
racy sciaccarellu, gracious but not lacking concentration.
The nose blends crushed strawberries, scrubland grasses and peony. The palate extends notes of sanguine orange, with great length.
For who has never visited Corsica, we would advise to read Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's travels, with a glass of Granit within reach:
"(...) She would never cease to cast her scent,
A p

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