Domaine Delaporte

Domaine Delaporte extends to 33 hectares and is located in Chavignol, in the heart of Sancerrois. Matthieu Delaporte takes over the family estate in 2010.
The young winemaker, passionate and determined, intends to raise the wines of the estate in the firmament of the great sauvignons and pinots noirs from the Loire bay.
To do this, every detail counts. First of all, he undertakes a…
conversion of the domain into organic farming. Then, everything is done to best respect the raw material and to keep a harvest intact and healthy up to the hydraulic press, an important investment for the domain and which guarantees the gentle extraction of crystal-clear and pure juice, without a risk of oxidation.
These juices are not clarified and very little sulfited, the winemaker being very sensitive to sulphur. …
Among the different vintages offered by the estate, it is necessary to isolate the magnificent plot of the « Monts Damnés », a steep slope with a « Kimméridgien » soil (shells and clays).
During a year, the fermentation and the aging are done in 600 liters' barrels. In the glass, it is all the righteousness of Sancerre that is expressed. A backbone of minerality that allows the wine to challenge the ages.

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