Domaine des Ardoisières

The Estate's history dates back to 1998, after young vines were replanted on the steep terrasses of the Coteaux de Cevins. This audacious endeavour, originally orchestrated by Michel Grisard, was then transmitted to Brice Omont, who took over with pride, and converted the vineyard into biodynamics.
The yields from the micaschistes soils are minimal, the harvests are perilous, or even heroic! The juices are more intense and bright as…
each year goes by.
Jacquère, Roussanne, Mondeuse...the grape varieties from Savoie are often planted and assembled together.
The Quartz cuvée, 100% altesse, is a queen among queens. Volume and tension are intertwined, and even when young, its noble and rich texture makes it a great wine already.
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