Domaine François Gaunoux

The Domaine Gaunoux is a wonderful discovery, and the proof that even on an Appellation as renowned as Meursault, there still are more confidential growers.
The Estate spreads over ten hectares that have all been purchased by François Gaunoux.
He has been able to secure a beautiful range of first growth in Meursault, Pommard and more recently on Puligny-Montrachet.…
Today, François Gaunoult works ith his daughter Claudine in the Estate, and from this collaboration derives a truthfullness in the wines.
Overral, in spite of the seriousness of the soils from which they were born, the wines are quite accessible in their youth. Their tasting breaks the idea that great burgundy wines require at least ten years patience.…
Several explanations to this: at the vines first, the grapes are sorted and carefully taken off their cluster, before to fill the tanks.
The vinification takes place in tanks, and the grapes could never meet any wood until the bottling.
Among the several cuvées produced by the father and daughter, the monopoly "Clos de Tavaux" is particularly moving. …
The soil off course is true to its type: the wine is rich and profound. But this power adds up to a surplus of welcome freshness, this combinaison making up for a particularly balanced result.

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