Domaine Jo Landron

The Domaine Landron embodies above all the singular personality of a man who knew how to boost an entire appellation from the very beginning of the 80's. The Muscadet owes much to this man of conviction!
A pioneer in many aspects, Jo Landron began by leaving, in 1983, the winery association for which his father worked and thus signed the cessation of their trading activities.…
The conduct of the Domaine in organic agriculture and especially the harmfulness of intensive production is obvious to him. The monstrous yields practiced at the time tarnish the image of the Muscadet and blur the good appreciation of consumers.
The winemaker then begins to separate his plots into a multitude of terroirs. These disparities give the melon of Burgundy (variety of white grape grown primarily in the Loire Valley) quite various…
expressions. This work will later allow to isolate the famous "crus communaux" we know today.
The underground of amphibolites (place called La Louveterie) allows for the presence of orthogneiss on the plot of La Carizière. On that spot, the Haute Tradition vintage embodies the salt and mineral expression of muscadet.
The underground of the Houx consists of clay and quartz. When tasting,…
it is an implacable demonstration of the structure and the immense long-keeping potential of this wine.

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