Domaine La Porte Saint Jean

Sylvain Dittière is well travelled, having worked in several vineyards across France, with for example Gérard Gauby, Thierry Germain or the Foucault brothers at Clos Rougeard, before to come back and settle in Montreuil, near Saumur and grow Chenin Blanc there.
The adventure began in 2010, when he started purchasing grapes.
In 2011, he released his very first vintage, and he now owns 6 hectares. It is more than enough for a single man, who values the…
work of the soils so much.
An organic viticulture is obvious for the winegrower, but the Estate is not certified. Sulfites and copper are the only intrants that penetrate the soils, but in very limited proportions (never more than 20 mg/L of sulphites in total for example).
Rich with his past observations, Sylvain's wines quickly made their way into the most impressive wines of the Saumur Appellation. …
Different slots compose the Estate, each giving their name to the cuvées.
Let us start with les Cormiers, some old vines of Cabernet Franc, that are rooted through chalky soil, from the Jurassic age, with an important presence of flintstone.
The grapes are harvested with care, separated from the clusters and not treaded. The alcoholic fermentation can last up to six weeks, and…
no other mean of extraction such as reassembly or punching of the must comes speed up the process. The result is flamboyant: an infused Cabernet-Franc, aged for a minimum of 18months. A pure jewel!
The slot Les Pouches is the latest acquisition of the winegrower (first vintage was 2017): vines of Chenin Blanc, planted on chalky soil. The delicate nose of pear and toasted bread (an ageing of great class) holds already the promise of a great wine. The palate is…
juicy, sapid and saline. Delicious.
Lastly, the cuvée La Perlée, that originates in the region's Tuffeau Chalky stone. The ageing here is ambitious (24 months). providing often more oaky and toasted notes in its youth.
The tactile dimension of this gastronomic Chenin is dense with a wonderful texture in the palate. The wine clea
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