Domaine Mouressipe

Alain Allier is a former mechanic.
Add to this fact his meeting with Eric Pfifferling (Domaine de l'Anglore), and he needed to other motivation to start making his own breathtaking garage wines.
Today, the small estate of Mouressipe spreads across 8 hectares, in the villages of St Cosme and Marejols (in the Gard department).
The principles of the winegrower are all dictated by a deep respect…
for the living. Four hectares are indeed handled, without any artificial product, or other chemical intrant.
All these tools are rather replaced with decoctions, herb tees and natural preparations.
The winegrower always aims at preserving biodiversity, which would also help preventing drought conditions. Here, the Grenache takes center stage. This grape variety being extremely sensitive to global…
warming, the grapes need to be handled with care.
At the cellar, the wines are not cleared not filltered, and no sulphite is ever used here.
The wines are then juicier and more digest than ever, and one might even have the vision of a lizard walking on the label!

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