Domaine Pattes Loup

"The finest vineyards produce the greatest wines." The maxim is more than ever true in Chablis, where the veins of small golden valleys join the epicenter village, forming a star.
The Serein, an impetuous river, flows its fine days through the stocks of chardonnay and draws the map of the first and great vintages.
In 2004 Thomas Pico settled in this magnificient landscape, in Courgis to be more specific. He first inherited the 2.5 hectares of paternal…
vines on the left bank of the Serein (formerly the Domaine du Bois d'Yver).
Little by little, this plant heritage expanded to 10 hectares, including two first vintages (Montmain, Butteaux, Beauregard and Côte de Jouan).
As soon as he arrived, the winemaker committed to the cultivation of the soil and freed himself from conventional viticulture (organic…
represents only 5% of the Chablis vines). In 2009, the Domaine gets the Ecocert certification.
When the month of September comes around, the winemaker is, like his neighbours the De Moor, always the last to pick the berries. Obsessive, he is in search of the healthiest and most mature harvest possible, so as not to rework the matter afterwards.
The harvest is finally carefully sorted and is never yeasted. The…
first vintages will spend a year in barrels (Thomas renews his barrel park with larger containers, 500 litre drums and half-muids) and six months in tank.
Thomas wines always impress with their smoothy textures and vibratory energy. The mouths are pure and salty, and recent vintages propel the young hope to the top of the appellation.

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