Domaine Puffeney

A pionneering and emblematic Estate in Jura, The Puffeney Estate has been the work of a single man: Jacques Puffeney. He settled in 1962, and has since vinified momre than fifty harvests, spread in Montigny-les-Arsures and Arbois.
In 2014, Jacques Puffeney retired, and sold the majority of his wines to the Pelican Estate, owned by marquis d'Angerville, in Volnay.
He only kept a single hectare, that he shares with one of his nephews.…
The wines are today a testament to the genious of Jacques Puffeney. The Savagnins sur Marnes are harvested ripe, with laser sharp acidity, almost eternal. The vins jaunes are elaborated in the most noble Jurassic tradition: indigenious yeasts so as to only keep their true core, work on the lees without letting them settle, ageing for just the right time...In contrast to standardized wines, the juices from Puffeney are always unique, pure and vibrant.

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