Domaine Stéphane Tissot

Stéphane Tissot gave the name of "Patchwork" to one of the thirty-five cuvées composing his range: his fifty hectares vineyard, located in Montilly les Arsures actually really ressembles a puzzle.
The Arbois winegrower has now become the manager of 30 employees all year long, plus de fifty harvesters in september. The staff has grown, logically accompanying the heavier workload of the soils, to produce higher-end wines. The Estate has received the certification…
in biodynamic agriculture in 2004.
The style of the wines is absolutely voluntary, with a permanent work on reduction for the Chardonnays ("toasted" aromas) in order to temper their natural exuberance, and protect the juices.
The pinots noirs show off their fruitiness, and the "vins jaunes" are among the finest of the Appellation.
Moreover, the Jura region possesses a library of ancient grape…
varieties, that Stéphane Tissot feels passionnate about. This genetic diversity of the vines allows for a purer expression of the soils.
Finally, a gigantic work is carried out for the use of sulphites (only one gram at bottling on most wines), and the temperature control in the ageing cellars. Nothing however is written in stone, and the winegrower keeps experimenting for our greatest pleasure.

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