Le Clos de la Meslerie

In a previous life, Peter Hahn used to juggle with numbers and followed the stock exchange in Sydney. Far away from any vineyard. Passionate about wines, he naturally turned his attention into making his own.
After a long quest for the right land, he foudn himself at the Clos de la Meslerie, in Vouvray. Four hectares of vineyards encercle the House. …
The Loire Valley is often a asylum for those who leave it all for the love of wine.
Without any qualification in wine, he first hd to take his professionnal license in viticulture and oenology, and passed it in 2005.
He met Vincent Carême there, who was his teacher and became his friend.…
2008 was Peter's first vintage, who until now has chosen to produce a single cuvée - sometimes two, with a rare sparkling. The winegrower prefers to limit himself to just one wine every year, which is quite rare in this region. As a matter of fact, the winegrowers from Touraine often define their range around the level of residual sugar in the wines. Peter Hahn's view is entirely different: the vintage should be the defining factor, so depending on the meteorological…
conditions of the vintage, his wine will be dry, off-dry or sweet.
To harvest sooner in order to vinify dry wines at all costs, it is not for him. The idea is not to force nature, to go deep into the expression of the grape variety.
In the cellar, the recipe remains the same, the vine ferments with original yiests, and ages in old barrels. Very little sulphite is aded at bottling. …
One thing is certain: the chenin from Clos de la Meslerie never lacks flesh nor acidity.
In 2017, the cuvée (dry) shines with its balance. It is tense, and very saline.
The bubble is an extra-dry, born from the great vintage 2012. Once again, such purity!

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