Les Vignes de Paradis

Here is a mountain vineyard that is rising to the top of Frances great wines!
The Domaine des Vignes de Paradis lives up to its name, as the surrounding nature and the proximity of Lake Geneva create a lush ecosystem.
Following a stint at Pommard, Dominique Lucas now tackles the iconic Savoyard grape varieties, to magnify the capricious Chasselas and…
Madame Her Highness, among others.
The vines cover 7.5 hectares in the Chablais vineyard, and are composed of two appellations: Crépy and Marin.
However, the winegrower has opted out of the appellation in order to pursue a lifelong quest : that of total freedom of movement, and the choice to vinify certain grape varieties that are "forbidden" by decrees.…
The entire estate is biodynamic, and it is not uncommon to come across a working horse ploughing between the vine rows.
In order to respect the plant material and create a local synergy, the vine rows are treated with a blend of mountain plants and other medicinal essential oils.
Handling and other winemaking decisions all follow the lunar calendar. …
In his cellar, the winemaker blends his plots, then undertakes a lengthy vinification in an array of different amphorae, barrels and other egg-shaped containers.
Todays wines are thus more liberated than ever and vibrate of energy and purity.
The "Un matin face au lac" cuvée is a wonderful homage to Chasselas, whose wine is ample and rich.
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